P3 Hub Midwest

P3 Bulletin is delighted to be hosting the second annual P3 Hub Midwest in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

This year'’s event will bring together key US procurers, mayors, investors, developers and advisors in a series of presentations and panel discussions on the P3 market in the region. 

Activity at state and municipal level looks set to drive future growth across the US market in 2016, and the Midwest is no exception. 

This year has seen impressive progress, with Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky and Missouri among the states making headway to further their programs in one way or another. 

While there is still a long way to go before we see a solid pipeline of deals in the region, the work that is currently underway means that opportunities look set to be rife in the coming years, as more and more states solidify their plans. 

And over the course of the two-day conference, senior public officials and private sector delegates will be on hand to discuss the latest opportunities to build and manage public assets through P3s on both sides of the Mississippi. This is your chance to hear all the information on where the latest project activity is emerging.  

The afternoon of June 1 will begin with a series of roundtables with public officials, sponsored and hosted by Dorsey followed by a networking drinks reception and dinner. The full day conference will take place the following day on June 2 at the Radisson Blu.

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